Film Project 2016

The ParkinSongsters ~ A little film about the large benefits of singing for people with Parkinson’s.

The film, made by Shaping Voices Arts charity and funded by The Big Lottery, shows, through rehearsal and performance footage and interviews with members of The ParkinSongsters, the development and concept of the group.  It also shows how The ParkinSongsters has evolved from being just a therapy group to one that also raises funds for the branch, as well as bringing to the general public an awareness of Parkinson’s disease and the benefits of voice therapy to people with the condition.

The project began in January 2016, and ended with a launch of the film and a concert given by the group at The Stade, Hastings on November 28th 2016

I’m absolutely certain that if I hadn’t been singing with the The ParkinSongsters for the last five years my condition today would be much worse…. and it is great fun too!

Julie White

Film Launch

The film launch went amazingly well! Over 80 people, ages ranging from 18 months to 96, came to The Stade, Hastings to watch the premiere of the The ParkinSongsters and to hear to the group singing live. We received much positive feedback.

Karen McInally, a specialist speech and language therapist at the Conquest Hospital,  who featured in the film, circulated it to her colleagues and to quote part of an email from her:

They were mightily impressed with the film and my boss has tweeted the link on our Trust site and also contacted the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

Karen McInally

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We were filmed by BBC South East at the launch, appearing on the local news the following day, and were featured in BBC South Radio Breakfast Show, as well as having a nice spread in the Bexhill and Hastings Observers.

The group are proud of the film and hope it will be shown far and wide and help people with Parkinson’s to consider joining a singing group in their local area.

It has been a deep pleasure working with the group, getting to know how they feel individually about having Parkinson’s and how much singing in a group has benefited them.

Mark Hutchinson, film-maker