Invite The ParkinSongsters to sing at an event. No matter what it is, from Street Parties to Anniversaries,  we will bring that extra something special to your event through our infectious enthusiasm and our fearless selection of songs chosen to suit all tastes.

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The Parkinsongsters sing a vast repertoire of songs from all genres. These include: traditional songs, nursery rhymes, rounds, sea shanties, folk songs, popular standards from the 1930s to present day, including Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, etc: Light classical such as Ivor Novello, Gilbert & Sullivan, contemporary songs include Simon & Garfunkel, Lennon and McCartney, Wartime songs, medleys of cowboy songs, Musicals, show songs, classical, including Mozart, Handel and Schubert, Neopalitan and Christmas songs, humorous songs of Flanders & Swann, and others, songs from famous films… you name it. We’ve done it!

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If you would like to invite us to sing at your event, please contact us. 

Our Next Concert

                    WE WILL RETURN! 

Singing is a great “healer” which not only brings joy to the singer but to those who listen. We, the ParkinSongsters, love performing for you, the listeners. It is like the giving and receiving of a gift.

We can’t wait to to be back and  look forward to sharing our songs with you again soon.

Stay well.

With love from The ParkinSongsters