Join the Group


“I’m absolutely certain that if I hadn’t been singing with the ParkinSongsters for the last five years my condition today would be much worse…. and it is great fun too!”

Julie White

Where do you meet?
The group meets weekly on Mondays, 2:45 – 4pm  at St John’s Church Hall, Brittany Rd, St Leonards on Sea TN38 0RD.

There is plenty of on-road parking and disabled access



When is it?
Mondays 2.45 – 4pm, (breaks: 2 weeks – sometimes 1 – at Easter, Bank holidays, 4 weeks in August and 2-3 weeks at Christmas/New Year)  For more info and to enquire about joining call Jane on: 07760 366367   

Who can join?
The group is open to people with Parkinson’s, their partners, friends and carers. You are welcome to join us at any time for a few sessions before deciding whether you’d like to become a member. There is a weekly session charge of £5. There is no charge for the first session, which enables you to decide if you would like to join.

Every aspect of the group is beneficial: the inspiration to use the voice we have to its highest potential, even if the sound is not as Susan Boyle-like as one would wish! We have fun singing the eclectic mix of songs, rhymes and poetry. There’s camaraderie with other PD people – a club we did not apply to join!

Sandra Jones

Our Recent Concert  

Having joined the group soon after it started I miss it when we break for bank holidays. It has definitely helped with my swallowing and posture. For an hour or so a week it takes your mind off your condition; we are too busy benefitting from Jane’s enthusiasm and having a good time.

Julie White

Is it for me?
Although The ParkinSongsters started primarily as a therapy group, it has grown into a weekly meeting where, in addition to the healthful exercises, people can enjoy themselves singing a wide variety of songs in a relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie and much laughter. You may be used to singing, or never have sung in a group before, but all are welcome!


Over the years the group has sung in Care Homes and at Private Events. This brings a sense of achievement to members whilst giving pleasure to others, as well as raising funds for Parkinson’s UK. In addition we sang carols at The Conquest Hospital for a number of years and  currently present 2 or 3 concerts open to the public. There is no obligation to sing in these concerts, but we do find that having something to work for helps establish the good techniques we practice in the group sessions.

Moments of Pure Magic

Although as individual singers none of us are Caruso or Callas, but when we rehearse on Monday afternoons, there are moments of pure magic, and we become (are a choir): Comrades in song.

John Horrigan