We sing a vast repertoire of songs from all genres. These include: traditional songs, nursery rhymes, rounds, sea shanties, folk songs, popular standards from the 1930s to present day, including Gershwin, Porter,  Berlin, etc:  Light classical such as Ivor Novello, Gilbert & Sullivan, contemporary songs include Simon & Garfunkel,  Lennon and McCartney, Wartime songs, medleys of cowboy songs, Musicals, show songs,  classical, including Mozart, Handel and Schubert, Neopalitan and Christmas songs, humorous songs of Flanders & Swann, and others, songs from famous films… you name it. We’ve done it!

women Parkinsongsters

The Music Notes - a small group of lively young guests at our summer concert

Successful Summer Concert at St John’s Hollington 25 July

What a great time The ParkinSongsters  had singing to a packed house on a glorious summer’s day with special guests, soprano Maya Godlonton-White and children’s group, The Music Notes.